We are already 15 years old!

15 years ago…D-Max was born!

 Probably hard for you to imagine but back in that time, there was no digital camera,  all polaroid was done on « real » polaroid camera. There was not really internet too, which meant to propose girls to agencies abroad,  was not as simple as to send emails, but needed in old fashion way  the use envelope and stamp to send everything!

No internet meant also no scouting online, and the need to be as much as possible in the streets or around the country in our castings tours to find new faces!

To look back at those times is what we did this week on our instagram  @dmaxmanagement. If you are a follower, you had the chance to see some rare or very old pictures and videos about d-max history.

To mention each girls, to mention all jobs was obviously impossible , but in our mind absolutely all models who passed by our agency are in our memory.

If you watched our insta stories you saw some old work  or even old polaroid of some of the very good working girl the agency’s seen during all those years. 

Each of them arrived in agency as young teenager with not much clue about what modeling would bring to them. Most of them had to be more patient than what they expected as to develop a model until real success is never done in few weeks or in just one or two trip abroad. 

Depending of motivation , of availability to travel , depending of capacity to stay at the right measurements, the rhythm of progress depends of each girls. But no matter if it  takes a couple of years when at the end,  the girl is rewarded in being on podiums of Prada or Luis Vuitton, or  are shooted for client such as Vogue or Harpers Bazaar.

In D-Max we have always been strong believer of the social evolution modeling can bring to a girl. It is always with huge pleasure that we see girls using the doors modeling can open to them , of course to the fashion world, but also sometimes in other business around it.

If you read this you are probably teenager, and modeling can bring to you as much as to other successful models Lithuania has launched. No matter if you are in a small village, modeling can make that you can one day to wake up in New York or in Paris!  Never hesitate to try your chance to live your dream!

With passion and excitement It is is 15 years that we help the girls to build their modeling sucess, and it for many more years to come that we will keep working on finding the next Lithuanian models star!



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